What is YICGG?

Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance is an innovation competition on global governances proposals of youth around the world, a channel to make youth from various countries think about and discuss on global issues deeply, a platform to inspire youth to dedicated themselves to global governance and improve their ability to participate.

YICGG was first launched in 2007 by Fudan University, sponsored by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in China, and organized by the School of International Relations and Public Affairs (SIRPA) of Fudan University. This is the worlds first international innovation competition in the area of global governance and international public welfare programme founded and operated by Chinese college students.

Content and Previous Themes

YICGG seeks for wisdom and creativity to solve the fundamental problem of human destiny from young people all over the world, which sticks to the theme of global governance. The competition emphasizes innovation, internationality, transcending disciplines and national boundaries and the shackles of traditional theories, which is the worlds professional event in the field of global public management and a platform for youths deep diplomacy.

The previous themes of this competition includes Human Security in the age of Globalization(2007), Global Governance: Growth and Innovation 2020(2008),  Innovation on Global Governance toward 2020: When the Integration of Economy, Environment, Finance and Security Encounters Pluralistic Culture(2009), Glocalization: Globalization and Urban Life(2010), Save the World, Save the Future: Humanity in Green Tide(2013), Effective Crosscultural CommunicationA Multicultural Neighborhood(2014),Youth in Food Security Innovation(2015).


Since YICGGs foundation in 2007, it has already accumulated great international influence in Global Governance, wide cooperative network and rich organizing experience.

More than 1250 participants, 312 teams from 143 universities and institutions, 81 countries and regions in total have taken part in the programme and submitted over 420 proposals. The final contest is usually held in each summer, when youth teams will participate in it from home and abroad. Many constructive projects have emerged out in global governance, environmental protection, human future and other issues. Several conducive proposals have been submitted to the United Nations agencies as related references and displayed at 2010 Shanghai EXPO and2015 Milano EXPO .


YICGG is the cradle to foster potential leaders for global governance. It is estimated that over 21% of previous YICGG participants devote themselves to global governance. and over 50% of the participants have participated in global governance and public affairs by further studying at home and abroad, working in the government sectors or NGOs.

Because of its academic rigor and professionalism, YICGG has been recognized as Young Academic Olympicsof global governance by the youth. In 2009, an outstanding project called East Asia Lifelong Learning Community 2020: Objective, Organization and Operationwas published in Transition Study Review , which was a core journal in the field of European academics; in 2010, UNESCO Rescuing Threatened Languages Programand Education as a Way of Glocalization Challenges and new proposals for second generation migrantswere submitted to United Nations Development Programme; The GBA (Green Business Administration) Program of 2013 and the cinemacafe in free and equal communities of 2014 were displayed at the China Corporate United Pavilion at 2015 Milan Expo. Whats more, YICGG2015 was held in Milan Expo from 18th to 20th in August, 2015 and performed the Expo theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” together with China Corporate United Pavilion, which injected youth vigor and innovation into the Chinas exhibiting area in Milan Exspo. It has stimulated a series of outstanding projects, such as “Rethinking Food Aid”, “Local Food System”, The Future of Food Policy: How We Define a “Good Policy” and so on.